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Specializing in Deep Tissue, Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage

Phone: 262-623-1770

email: [email protected]

*All Sessions by Appointment Only*

New Location

New studio located inside The Colour Bowl Salon

10503 N Cedarburg Rd
Mequon, WI 53092

*All Sessions by Appointment Only*

Massage isn’t just a luxury. It can be an essential part of our overall wellness and a key piece of many treatment plans.

And while the core of my bodywork is aimed at correction, getting there is by no means strictly clinical. Massage is meant to feel good. Whether you’re preparing for your sport, recovering from injury or living with chronic pain, the key is balancing a focused therapy with relaxation.

The goal at the end of every session is the same: to help people feel a deepened awareness of the connections within your body. Enjoy increased freedom of movement for a more natural alignment. And experience a restored sense of calm.

Massage | Muscle Therapy Services

I don’t “chase pain” for short term relief…I take a corrective and purposeful approach to massage.

After identifying your needs and goals, a postural assessment (included) lends insight to the source of any restrictions, and allows me to address them with the most appropriate technique and pressure.

Feel a twinge before the big day tomorrow? Great for acute issues/localized discomfort. Head, neck and shoulders.

Blending various relaxation and deep tissue modalities to address specific needs for desired results. Ideal for overall bodywork to provide relief from conditions like nerve entrapment, scoliosis, sciatica and fibromyalgia.

Can be highly muscle specific and ideal pre- or post-event. I incorporate techniques used when working with the Milwaukee Brewers (Link to Testimonials?) and their training staff for the most complete treatment. Designed for the serious athlete or weekend warrior.

Find your relief from headaches, stress, minor muscle aches, pains and experience an overall sense of calm.

Nurturing the changing and unique needs of expecting women. Specifically designed cushions and side-lying postures provide relief from low back and hip pain. Both mother and child benefit from the reduction of stress hormones. Also ideal for aching shoulders and upper back muscles from cradling and feeding your precious newborn.

*Certain essential oils are omitted for pregnant and nursing mothers.

In the office, on the course or at your next event. Makes for a welcome break for employees and a special treat for clients.

Sessions Include

Postural Assessment • Infrared Heat Lamp • Hot Towels • Aromatherapy/Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils • Organic Massage Oils • Heated Table • Salt Lamps • Linens Free of Synthetic Fragrances & Harsh Chemicals



30 min “Express/Targeted”…$55
60 min “Classic”…$90
90 min “Preferred”…$125 *most popular!*
120 min “Elite”…$155


Living an active lifestyle filled with horseback riding, rock climbing, competitive snowboarding and – not to mention – as a mother of 2 small children, I’ve developed a unique perspective on the body. And what pain or discomfort can get in the way of.

So I rely on both my personal and professional experiences over the past 18 years, and apply those insights to the benefit of all my clients. Taking your lifestyle, activities and anatomical structure into consideration will help me find the common thread linking your aches and their source to provide lasting relief.



2003 Graduate of Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy

LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist, Wisconsin)

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) Member

Member of the Milwaukee Brewers Training Staff (2017-2020)

Student Practitioner of Dr. Guy Voyer’s ELDOA Technique

Young Living Essential Oils Member Trained in Raindrop Therapy


Your comfort and confidence in a professional experience are of the utmost importance during the session.

  • You’ll be encouraged to dress down to what’s appropriate for you. Proper draping techniques will be followed to ensure modesty and temperature control.
  • Communication about your massage pressure is encouraged and respected. I’ll adjust to meet your level of comfort.
  • 24-hour advance notice of cancellation is required. No appointments will be rescheduled until 50% of payment for missed appointment is paid in full.
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